Individual Lessons

Individual lessons are by far the most efficient and effective way to achieve specific technology goals. When you purchase a lesson from me, I assess what you would like to learn/achieve, and make an individualized plan to get you to the finish line. Pricing for individual lessons are as follows.

Single Lesson3-Lesson Pack5-Lesson Pack
90 min lesson
Save $10!
Save $25!


For those seeking advice on what technology might be right for them, I offer consultations at the same hourly rate, but with the option to prorate by the quarter hour. People choose a consultation when they would like to know what printer might suit their needs or whether a device they own needs maintenance.

Prorated by 15-minute increments.

Group Classes

I offer group classes as an independent contractor for institutions such as public libraries, senior centers, and other centers of educational enrichment. A group class is still a dynamic form of instruction during which I encourage active participation, and make every attempt to personalize the class based on the students in attendance. A group class would also come with a take-away information handout or packet so students can feel free to participate fully, taking note as needed. I calculate fees on a case-by-case basis for Group Classes, depending on the nature of the request. I prefer to limit classes to a 10-person maximum, as the quality of individualized attention decreases significantly with groups larger than that.

Please contact me to inquire about hosting a group class at your institution.


A seminar is a lecture-style, informational session. This differs from a group class as there would be no materials or hands-on instruction included. A seminar is ideal for learners who wish to hear about emerging technologies and consider what they may wish to learn in the future.

As with group classes, I calculate fees for seminars on a case-by-case basis.